Disappointed with the firings, dismissals, resignations in Westerlo

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Rich Filkins and Amie Burnside, Westerlo’s two town council members, for researching the facts pertaining to the expenditures and additional information of our town government.

They also had the decency to inform the residents, who they represent, by disclosing it in a letter to the editor in the July 16 edition of The Altamont Enterprise [“We realize the seriousness of the pandemic and are doing the best we can to try to make the right decisions”].

In my opinion, both of these individuals, truly care and I applaud not only their skills and endless efforts, but also their character, which I find to be exemplary.

I am extremely concerned and disappointed with the firings, dismissals, resignations, hatcheting (or whatever you want to call it) of so many town employees. Please do not insult my intelligence by excusing it out as COVID/budget/dollar shortage.

I don’t buy it. I’m not a fool and can add 2 plus 2.  I also know, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

In my opinion, control and power plays, for various reasons, have become the name of the game. You — my family, friends, neighbors, associates, and readers — can with a little bit of common sense and objectivity answer the question, “Why?”

In my mind and heart, it is so sad to watch such attempts at manipulation. It is not only sad, but also ugly, disgusting, and completely selfish. Also the phony excuses for the so-called “necessary removal” of these employees, who have performed and served our town through many difficult times.

I have watched, listened to, and observed a multitude of poor or meritless skills that I am dissatisfied with and view our local government’s democracy as not only being threatened, but also destroyed.

So, personally, thanks again, Rich and Amie, for all you do to protect and preserve our local government. I credit you both for taking a stand and I support you 100 percent.

Anita Marrone


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