Readers themselves can FOIL for names of those who submit requests in Knox

To the Editor:

I had a long interview with your Hilltown reporter, Rose Schneider, on Thursday, July 18, 2019, that I understood to be off the record, about a FOIL [Freedom of Information Law] request I made to the town of Knox.

In it, I am requesting access to a video recording of an incident that happened some time ago at the transfer station. Until I am able to see the video and can confirm what happened that day, I am asking you not to print a story about this incident.

If the Altamont Enterprise readers felt they needed to know who submitted FOIL requests in the town of Knox, these readers themselves would FOIL the information and the town would provide that information, as the town provided the information for The Altamont Enterprise.

The concern is privacy and if readers are now aware that, when they take the time to submit a Freedom of Information request, their own freedom for privacy is compromised, because a local newspaper can print their name without their permission, so how many people will now hesitate knowing that they have no right to privacy once they file a FOIL request?

Please wait until I have all the facts. If this story is reported without all the facts, then what good is it? 

Pat Walter


Editor’s note: See related story. Our story reports solely on public information, not on any information from Mr. Walter’s conversation with a reporter.

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