Local road names should respect Dutch history

To the Editor:

Some history for your consideration!

All of the roads and the town names are using the wrong designation. The Dutch word for a stream is “kil” — with a single “l.” 

The Dutch landed in what is now New York back in the early 1600s and went up the Hudson Rver and settled in what is now called Albany and had the audacity to think they should use their own language.

Seems to me that Altamont and all of its surrounding roads should properly respect its history. And I have talked to some of the folks at the state about this but they ignored me.

Guilderland has the same problem — the sign on Route 146 where the bridge is over the Normanskill has two “l”s. 

Bob Price


Editor’s note: Place names, like that of the Normans Kill, are set by the United States Board on Geographic Names. The United States Geological Survey maintains a database of road and street names. The Middle Dutch for a body of water was “kille.”

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