Some people talk about supporting veterans; I actually do it

To the Editor:

Our banner submission for hero Dennis Palow as a Berne Hometown Hero has drawn criticism [“I firmly believe that military service transcends politics,” Altamont Enterprise Letter to the Editor, July 15, 2021].

I guess anything can be twisted into a political move? Can’t just be friends honoring friends.

The Hometown Hero project never was meant to solely honor sons and daughters of Berne but rather to include honoring those heroes who have made Berne their hometown: Hometown Heroes.

The criticism also says Dennis isn’t a true Hometown Hero? 

“Hometown” is defined as “the town of one’s birth or early childhood or of one’s present fixed address.” That’s a check for Dennis. 

Dennis served in the armed forces, check. Dennis is a true Hometown Hero and I am glad to share my hometown with him. Call it political if you want but Dennis will be a friend and hero to my family and the Claytons and the Bashwingers long after this.

As you noted, these banners are submissions by family and friends, not the town of Berne. Maybe 2022’s town budget could include funds to sponsor banners for passed veterans from years ago?

It is worth noting that my wife and I also sponsored a banner for Berne native Daniel Nye who was killed in action in 1970 in Vietnam and I have also visited his burial site in Arlington many times, even laying a wreath at his gravesite a couple of years ago.

I also tried to sponsor another hero banner but could not get enough data in time.

As far as serving and honoring veterans, I do.

I am on the board of directors for Capital District Patriot Flight, participating in 10 missions to take our veterans to their memorials in Washington, D.C. and I was a pre-COVID weekly volunteer at the Veterans Miracle Center in Albany, stocking shelves.

I have also made several trips to D.C. to wash and clean the Vietnam Wall, Korean War Memorial, and the Disabled American Veterans For Life Memorial so every veteran can come to a clean memorial in their honor. With COVID ending, this annual ritual will continue.

Many people talk about supporting our veterans; I actually do it whether we are in the GOP together or not.

God bless America.

Sean Lyons


Editor’s note: Sean Lyons is the Berne supervisor.

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