Gangs of Senior Citizen Crips

To the Editor:

Not once but twice did someone in the Save the Pine Bush article site as the major objection to building housing for low-income seniors was that senior citizens with limited incomes are also obviously elderly criminals [“Save the Pine Bush objects to affordable senior housing that would take 11 acres from preserve,” The Altamont Enterprise, July 15, 2021].

  The person then goes on to assert without any factual basis that lower income seniors commit more crimes than higher-income seniors. It almost sounds like something out of a Monty Python movie with gangs of Senior Citizen Crips with skull and bones insignias above their AARP membership buttons terrorizing the Pine Bush region.

Maybe if they are denied housing that due to whatever circumstances led them to be without proper retirement incomes, they could instead position themselves outside of the new Costco and beg for money to pay their rent.

Christine Bishop


Editor’s note: See related editorial.

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