I’m running for New Scotland town board to ensure there are services and housing for all

To the Editor:

Since I announced that I would run for the New Scotland Town Board, many people have asked me why, after living in the town my whole life, am I now choosing to run.

The reasons are many but primarily it was a result of a ride I took with my youngest daughter.  My youngest daughter moved to California following her college graduation.

The charm of living on the west coast wore off but mainly she wanted to return to the area she grew up in and where she had family. As we drove around the town of New Scotland, she was certainly impressed with the new homes being built — all of them extravagant and clearly out of her price range.

She also asked where in the town I could show her apartments. All I could point to is Pheasant Run apartments, which were built in the 1970s.

It is my feeling that our local government’s interest is not with our youth but mainly to keep people and businesses out. At last count, there are four family restaurants. Affordable housing is certainly off-limits and we can forget about small businesses being welcomed in the town of New Scotland.

I am to blame for this since I sat back in my home, raised my children in Voorheesville, and didn’t stop this current ideology from taking root. The town of New Scotland is a beautiful place and we need to keep it that way; however, this doesn’t mean this must be done at the expense of our children.

I now feel it’s time for others to sit on our town board and re-energize the town of New Scotland. I believe we can maintain the feeling of a quaint place to live and still invest in some services and housing for all.

Glenn Schultz


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