Reidy will promote gun safety and protect reproductive rights

To the Editor:

Early voting is underway in various local primaries, including the Democratic primary for the 109th Assembly District (Albany, New Scotland, and much of Guilderland, including Altamont). I urge voters to support Dustin Reidy.

Dustin is currently in his second term in the Albany County Legislature, where he has drafted two bills that are of particular interest to me and which involve issues about which I am very passionate.

One bill expands notification requirements about safe storage of guns. We continuously hear of tragedies that occur because a firearm was not properly secured. The importance of safe storage education cannot be overstated. In fact, Everytown for Gun Safety endorsed Dustin in this race, and he is the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense candidate.

Dustin also sponsored a bill that deals with the disinformation spread by so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.” More specifically, the bill would curtail these centers’ ability to provide fake or misleading information about reproductive health.

With the anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson approaching, we are reminded yet again of how precarious women’s reproductive rights are. I am deeply appreciative that Dustin recognizes that “crisis pregnancy centers” deal in disinformation and that he is taking action to limit their ability to spread inaccurate narratives.

I do not reside in the 109th Assembly District; however, any lawmaker has the power to support or oppose a bill that will affect each of us. Dustin’s track record proves that he will do what it takes to promote gun safety and reproductive rights. I hope that readers will vote for Dustin Reidy in the Assembly primary.

Jill Loew


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