Change must come from respect for all — not by violence

To the Editor:

My heart was heavy for the murder of George Floyd and my heart is heavy for the shooting murder (by a young black male who was looting) of retired policeman David Dorn. He was a black man who was voluntarily trying to protect a store from being vandalized in his neighborhood. Why wasn’t his memorial publicized and honored? He lived a good life and helped many.

Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. all condoned non-violent, peaceful protesting. They did not condone violence, looting, or destruction of property and lives. Over 700 policemen and women have been killed (along with civilians). Yes, some police are racist but most are fair, good people protecting us from criminals.

Radical groups including Antifa are using the protesters to push their own agendas, intimidate citizens who disagree with them, and occupy Seattle with the tools of bull horns and guns. They want power and control and will disregard any of our rights. They need to be prosecuted for these crimes.

All lives matter. Whether we are black, brown, yellow, red, or a combination — we all have a soul and deserve liberty and equality.

My grandchildren are biracial and I love them and want peace and safety and liberty for all children.

It should be up to the people of America to decide what historical statues remain and which are changed; they should not be destroyed by a radical, violent few.

Men and women of all races fought to keep our precious flag flying and our constitutional rights alive. No one has the right to deface the Lincoln Memorial or the World War II monument or any monument.

Pray please and speak up now before it is too late. Let your representatives know that balance and the process of change must come from respect for all — not by violence.

Arlene Shako


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