Constitution Party wants to rein in cost of big government

To the Editor:

The Constitution Party of New York believes there are many ways to rein in the cost of big government. The following is some of our platform on ways to eliminate debt.

We could eliminate the debt more rapidly by selling certain lands and other federal assets, including foreign military bases, and applying the proceeds exclusively to debt reduction.

One of the greatest contributors to deficit spending is war. If the country is​​ to eliminate debt, these United States cannot become gratuitously involved in constant wars. Constitutional government, as the founders envisioned it, was not imperial. It was certainly not contemplated that America would police the world at the taxpayers’​​ expense.

We reject the misleading use of the terms “surplus” and “balanced budget” as long as we have public debt. We oppose dishonest accounting practices such as “off-budget items” used to hide unconstitutional spending practices.

We call for an end to the raiding by the federal government of the Social Security, Railroad Retirement and Medicare funds. We believe that, over a protracted period, the Social Security system may be privatized without disadvantage to the beneficiaries of the system.

For more information about the Constitution Party platform visit

William D. Wilday

Vice Chairman

Constitution Party

of New York


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