Why did nobody on the planning board ask for an attractive barrier?

To the Editor:

After seeing a picture of the industrial-strength bollards in front of the Latham Stewart’s, I was dismayed at the prospect of seeing something so ugly in front of the new Stewart’s store in Altamont.

There are not bollards in front of every parking spot around the existing Stewart’s store. I was disappointed that nobody on the planning board asked how many times cars have crashed into the current building. I assume that, if cars were crashing into the store on a regular basis, something would have been done about it long ago.

The front of Altamont Corners has a curb and an attractive barrier between the cars and the stores. It resembles a porch railing like the ones on many Victorian homes. Why did nobody on the planning board ask for a barrier like that one?

As for Ed Cowley’s two recent letters, both of which were unnecessarily nasty and contained no significant information, two people who have known him for many years say they are typical of his skewed sense of humor.

While I do not think there was any point in printing them, they contain no explicit threats, but only express anger and intense disappointment. There is a huge gulf between verbal and physical expressions of anger. 

Edna Litten


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