Napierski and McDonald have specific platforms and ideas for change

To the Editor:

A May 27 letter to the Enterprise editor from two current Guilderland Town Board members incorrectly claims that Christine Napierski and Kevin McDonald have no ideas for change [“Pastore and Beedle will build on our past successes”]. In fact, both have specific platforms and ideas laid out in their literature and on their websites for all to see.

They care deeply about diversity and bringing actual affordable housing to the town, instead of the present proliferation of luxury apartments and high-density four- or five-story senior apartments that can’t be filled which, prior to  my tenure, were approved by the planning board and town board (including Mill Hollow, Hiawatha Trails, and Summit at Mill Hill).

They want to encourage small businesses in town, not giant conglomerates that push out small businesses and reap the financial benefits but that do not even live in our community. They want to actively pursue grants for minorities and women who want to start small businesses in town.

They want to advocate for the residents whose voices have not been heard. They want to bring green standards and incentives into our current zoning code.

Mr. McDonald wants to hire an environmentalist and arborist who will assist the planning board and town board to bring needed expertise and balance to decisions that affect our natural resources.

Christine wants to require a harder look at the impact of projects, and come up with good alternatives that limit traffic, light, and pollution. They both favor responsible growth; for example, they both were supportive of the net zero-energy apartments proposed in Great Oaks — because that’s smart development.

Contrary to what some are saying, both Kevin and Christine would not oppose a Costco in town, if properly located in an area that does not negatively impact established residential neighborhoods and two national landmarks, the Pine Bush Preserve and the Rapp Road Historic District.

They propose, for instance, locating it in part of the vacant Crossgates Mall, if Pyramid would agree — now that would be responsible planning. Who calls the shots in this town, the developers or the elected officials? 

Christine and Kevin do not just talk about things that were done in the town 10 or 20 years ago, or repeat empty political platitudes; they have laid out specific new positive things they will do for you and the town, once elected. The other candidates are not talking about anything they will do for you moving forward; they are just advocating for keeping things the same.

They have talked about no ideas to give new weight to residents’ concerns and input into the town, because frankly things move more smoothly for them without it. They think they and other town officials know best.

It’s time for a change. It’s time that residents be elected to serve Guilderland according to residents’ wishes. Christine Napierski and Kevin McDonald will make sure your voice is heard.

That’s why I am strongly endorsing them for town board and am urging you to do the same. Please vote for Christine Napierski and Kevin McDonald for town board in the Democratic primary on June 22. Early voting runs to June 20. A vote for them is a vote for you.

Laurel Bohl


Guilderland Town Board



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