Pastore and Beedle will build on our past successes

To the Editor:

As sitting members of the Guilderland Town Board, we would like to offer a few remarks on the Democratic primary that will take place on June 22.

The current town administration has, over a number of years, conducted the business of the community and its residents in an open, transparent, and fiscally responsible manner. Town taxes are low relative to other area communities. Greenspace and recreational opportunities have been protected and enhanced. Public access to government operations has been enhanced. Growth has been moderate, and has been undertaken in a manner consistent with development plans created over time with significant public input into the process.

The candidates in the June primary who will best maintain and build on the record the town has established are Paul Pastore and Amanda Beedle.

Paul Pastore is a veteran member of the town board. Many of the actions taken by the town to make government function better and to enhance the quality of life for Guilderland’s residents required town board support, and Paul has consistently voted in favor of open government, the environment, strong internal ethical standards, and fiscal responsibility over the years. His voting record demonstrates that he is worthy of the support of residents who appreciate all the positive things that have happened in Guilderland.

Amanda Beedle is making her first run for elective office this year. She is a lifelong Guilderland resident, and has deep roots in the community. She is a product of the Guilderland Central School District, and has helped to parent five sons who attended Guilderland Schools. In addition to time spent engaged in school activities, Amanda has served as a trustee at the Altamont Free Library, and as a member of the Guilderland Planning Board, she is committed to actively listening to all points of view in her legislative role, and to working diligently to promote positive advances in our community.

Paul and Amanda are opposed in this primary by candidates Christine Napierski Siracusa and Kevin McDonald, individuals who claim to be motivated by what they refer to as the need for change in town government. Their definition of “change” seems to be primarily driven by a desire to put an end to development activity in Guilderland.

Ms. Napierski Siracusa and Mr. McDonald are also opposed to the construction of a Costco in the former residential neighborhood between Crossgates Mall and Western Avenue. A project of this type was recommended in the Westmere Corridor Study, a planning document developed by the town at significant expense, and with significant input from both the general public and a number of other governmental agencies. To our knowledge, neither of these candidates took part in the well-promoted public discussions that were part of the study, but now they have declared themselves qualified to reject the conclusions.

Beyond their questionable assertions about development, these candidates fail to offer any clear views on what other “changes” are needed, nor do they offer any clear insights into what sort of alternatives they might offer if elected.

Guilderland is a community that has achieved a lot in terms of fiscal responsibility, of providing open space and recreational opportunities for its residents, and of conducting its business in an open and above-board manner. Paul Pastore and Amanda Beedle are the town board candidates who will work to build on our past successes and to continue Guilderland’s progress toward a bright future. We urge you to support them in the primary election on June 22.

Rosemary Centi

Patricia Slavick


Guilderland Town Board

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