Wickham will guard our community

To the Editor:

During the course of our lives, on rare occasions, we are fortunate enough to encounter another who exemplifies many of the aspects we so much look for in our leaders. For us, Steve Wickham is without doubt that individual.

There’s the old story of the man who was asked to guard a bag of money while the owner was away for a short spell. Delayed by circumstances beyond his control, the owner showed up a week later. And there stood his loyal friend, guarding the bag of money.

That's Steve Wickham. The call has come to his door to serve our community as our county legislator in District 30.

If given that opportunity, he will guard our community and he will challenge, without prejudice, any action that will not best serve our community.

Because that's what Steve Wickham does — he will constantly question the efficacy of legislation before him. He will be the conscience that looks out for the interests of the community, not just the interests of the few.

If you’re looking for a leader who is willing to put our interests ahead of the interests of corporations, who will advocate for a cleaner and healthier environment, who will protect the interests of workers and their families — if you're looking for a pragmatic progressive, vote for Steve Wickham in the upcoming primary on June 25!

Connie Bennett and

Gordon McClelland


Editor’s note: Gordon McClelland is a member of the Guilderland Conservation Advisory Council.

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