Miller’s record speaks for itself

To the Editor:

Is Guilderland small-town politics showing its ugly side again?

Albany County Legislature’s 32nd District race in Guilderland between Paul Miller and his opponent seems quite familiar to others races in the past. One very qualified person and the other a Guilderland Democratic Committee board member.

Let’s compare Paul Miller with his opponent’s experience. Paul Miller, the incumbent, has been our county legislator since 2016. He is a graduate of Guilderland High School and the University of Albany.  Paul is also a volunteer firefighter and an Eagle Scout. He was also the recipient of the Tobacco-Free Champion Award from the Capital District Tobacco-Free communities.

Paul’s record of accomplishment demonstrates that he is working for all residents of Guilderland. Under Paul’s leadership, he’s sponsored three local tobacco laws by raising the age of sales to 21, ending tobacco sales in pharmacies, and banning smoking in county parks.

Paul worked with our state representatives to get a crosswalk signal at the McKownville firehouse on Western Avenue. He’s secured grants for Guilderland Seniors to offset the cost of bus trips, and adopted three consecutive county budgets under the state tax cap, including a 4.3-percent real property tax cut for 2019. His record speaks for itself.

His opponent’s accomplishments include being a long-time member of the Guilderland Democratic Committee and town planning committee. Well, we all know the town planning board has been under fire for not following the town plan and approving projects that are not in the scope of the plan.

What position does Mr. Miller’s opponent take regarding the town plan? A question you must ask him, as he has never stated his position.

Why didn’t the Democratic Committee members endorse their incumbent who is working hard for the Guilderland residents and has been successful in the position? Is it because they wanted to pick their long-term committee member and friend? I guess that’s another question to ask them.

Paul has been doing a terrific job as our county legislator and deserves to continue. It’s time that we, the voters, send a message and vote for the most qualified individual for this position, not just for who is politically connected in Guilderland.That’s why Paul Miller has my vote for Albany County Legislature’s 32nd District Primary race in Guilderland on June 25.

Tony Siracusa


Editor’s note: Mickey Cleary, who is running against Paul Miller in the June 25 Democratic primary, responded, “I’ve stated my position. We follow the town plan. And I listen to the planner, and I listen to the chairman. I believe in the town plan, I follow the town plan. People interpret it differently.”

The legislative district committee chose Cleary.

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