School sports keeps kids out of trouble

To the Editor:
I, as a ninth-grade student, feel that getting rid of things such as sports will hurt not only me personally, but also hurt my community.

During my years in Berne-Knox-Westerlo Elementary School, my main reason for excitement about high school was the thought of playing high school sports with my friends. Sports is the number-one way to bring our communities together.

For some people I know, sports are their main drive to pass their classes and try in school. If we were to get rid of sports, I think some kids would actually start to do worse on their school work.

Some of my teammates use sports as a way to be better. For some, “Why even come to school if they don't have a game or practice after it?”

I think it is horrible to get rid of something so important to towns with so little. We don’t have other things to do in our towns, and being a part of school sports keeps kids out of trouble. Sports have brought us together from generation to generation.

Another thing that I believe is that it would be awful to get rid of our school resource officer. In today’s world, you can’t trust everyone that is around you, even if you have known them for your whole academic career.

If the SRO is not there, who will be there to protect us when there is danger nearby? We should not have to rely on an officer who is 15 minutes away to be there during an emergency.

Those are two of the many things I think that the budget cut will affect and hurt not just me, but my fellow classmates and teachers at BKW.

Henry Ferguson

BKW freshman

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