BKW activities let me be myself

To the Editor:
There have been many times in my life when all I wanted to do was be myself. Activities at Berne-Knox-Westerlo gave me the opportunity to do that.

BKW offers various activities to take up students' time in a positive way. I am enrolled in sports, the musical, Future Farmers of America, and several more.

In sports, I am able to make friendships with those who I may not have classes with every day. It gives me the chance to bond with my coaches and makes me a better athlete, but most of all it gives me the chance to be myself.

I have also always loved being in musicals. I started in community theater at 7 years old. To be able to be in the school musical this past year was beyond exciting.

I also have always loved agriculture. This year, as a seventh grader, I had an amazing opportunity to take part in FFA. When I get older, I want to be a first-grade teacher and FFA has helped prepare me for that. 

Without FFA, I would not be as knowledgeable as I am today.

It causes me to want to keep up my grades so I can pursue these activities. I can be the best version of myself when I am enrolled in these opportunities.

Do we really want our school to lose these great programs? Do we really want students to go to school feeling like they are closed in, not being able to do the activities they love?

BKW’s community should definitely consider voting to keep these opportunities around.

We have made so many memories with each other and to lose these programs would affect us in so many ways, the worst ways.

Let students continue to do what we love. Let students live our lives to the fullest, and most of all, let students be themselves through the activities they enjoy.

Paisley Bunt

BKW student

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