Insulting to my family and my neighbors

To the Editor:
Imagine my surprise when I read the May 27 Enterprise article about the appeal regarding the Guilderland-Pyramid lawsuit.

David Paget, the attorney for Pyramid/Crossgates stated regarding the proposed area around expansion, that we are not talking about “some isolated island in an archipelago of pastoral and bucolic land.”

Hyperbole aside, he is actually implying that Westmere Terrace — the street I have lived in for the past 27 years — is one that is ripe for industrial growth that is consistent with Pyramid’s plans around Costco a block away from our street and the apartments that would be at the end of our street.

How insulting to my family and my neighbors. Has Mr. Paget taken the time to come to Westmere Terrace and meet us?

If he did, what he would find is 35 houses, most occupied by people who have lived here for many years. He would also find that we are a neighborhood where people take care of each other and take care of their property. It is the kind of neighborhood that is consistent with the belief that Guilderland is a town made up of many Westmere Terraces where we proudly raise our families and make wonderful friends.

In the minds of the residents of our street, we are a “pastoral and bucolic” street that defines what neighborhoods should be about. Many of our neighbors have worked together over the last few years to stop this expansion.

One of our leaders is Kevin McDonald. Kevin and his family are great neighbors — he is smart, decent, and cares about Guilderland. We are very pleased that Kevin is running for the town board. We urge support for his candidacy and that of our neighbor Christine Napierski who is also vested in preserving our neighborhoods and keeping Westmere Terrace and all of Guilderland a wonderful place to live.

Glenn Liebman


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