Don’t procrastinate, vaccinate

To the Editor:

The COVID-19 virus control is well underway in the United States as well as in some other places on the planet such as parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Unfortunately, India, and some African countries are suffering heavy mortality at this time from COVID-19.

Worldwide vaccination is necessary. A major problem in the United States and other parts of the globe is vaccine hesitancy.

When enough people do not get vaccinated, they slow the control of COVID-19 and that results in unnecessary sickness and death of people that could be prevented by timely vaccinations. There is a major effort to get Americans and other people vaccinated against COVID-19.

People have many reasons for not getting vaccinated but often the reason is not based on factual information. In some cases, it’s fear of needles and in others it’s based on distrust of the scientific facts.

However, with tens of millions of people vaccinated and the results coming in now it shows that there is a very small chance of an adverse reaction with the vaccine and a high probability of protection of the people who are vaccinated.

It is best to reach “herd immunity” by vaccination rather than infection with COVID virus, which will surely result in much illness and considerable mortality.

In Albany County, I would like to thank Dr. Elizabeth Whalen and County Executive Daniel McCoy for seeing to it that so many people are being vaccinated. For individuals with questions about the vaccine, ask your qualified medical provider for his or her recommendation on proper vaccination for you.

Make sure the information you consult on the internet is factual and provided by reputable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Dr. Ward Stone


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