Knox Dems switch from caucus to primary

To the Editor:

The Town of Knox Democratic Committee has endorsed a slate of candidates for the November elections, based on merit, experience, character, and values.

We have traditionally held caucuses to formally nominate the candidates we endorse. Our past few caucuses have been marked by disruption and intimidation, as when town Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis’s father-in-law video-recorded people voting, as they had historically done, by a show of hands.

We had to resort to using paper ballots at the following caucus and some voters still reported feeling uncomfortable and chose not to attend. In order to increase Democratic participation and restore the privacy of the ballot box, we are discontinuing the use of the caucus in favor of a primary election, which will be held on June 25.

Election law provides an opportunity for prospective candidates not endorsed by the political committee to petition to participate in the primary. We encourage all Knox Democrats to vote in the primary.

Amy Lauterbach Pokorny

Town of Knox

Democratic Committee

Editor’s note: Amy Pokorny’s husband, Russell Pokorny, is backed by the Knox Democratic Committee for supervisor. See related story.

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