Money should be spent on food rather than fireworks

To the Editor:

I have to say that last year when the Berne Town Board voted to have fireworks at the Berne town park I did not feel it was the smartest use of taxpayer money.

It is my understanding that the cost of the fireworks were $3,000. At that time, there were people in the town struggling due to job loss and other issues related to the COVID pandemic.

I hope that this year, if the Berne Town Board is planning to do fireworks again, it will reconsider the expenditure and put the money, in my opinion, to better use as some people are still struggling to get by.

A couple of suggestions would be to donate the money to the backpack for kids program at Berne-Knox-Westerlo or to Hilltown Hugs for needed food and supplies for community members. This money would go a long way to help people of our community in their time of need.

Everyone needs a hand now and then and I think that this would be a good time for the Berne Town Board to take affirmative action.

Frank Brady

East Berne

Editor’s note: Frank Brady, a Democrat, ran for Berne Town Board on the GOP line in 2017 and on the Democratic line in 2019; he was not elected.

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