Altamont’s preliminary budget for next year down slightly

Enterprise file photo — Melissa Hale-Spencer

Altamont police chiefs past and present and past. After a short stint as Altamont’s police chief, Jason Johnston, at left, left for a job with the state attorney general’s office.

ALTAMONT — At $2.51 million, the village of Altamont’s preliminary budget for 2024-25 is down about one-tenth of 1 percent percent over this year’s adopted spending plan.

The tax rate for next year is set to increase from $2.14 per $1,000 of assessed value to $2.18 per $1,000. The total tax levy would increase by about 2.3 percent, from $317,220 to $326,271.

According to the village, a home with a full-market value of $443,000 will pay $17.72 more in property taxes next year, while a home with a full-market value of $241,00 would pay about $9.64 more.

Two of the three pots of money that make up the village budget are set to go up next year:

— The general fund would increase about 2.77 percent, from $1,448,700 to $1,488,781, with about $268,000 in fund balance being used to close the gap between revenues and appropriations; 

— The water fund is expected to decrease about seven-tenths of 1 percent, from $452,483.50 to $449,287, and uses about $62,000 of fund balance; and

— Sewer costs are anticipated to decline about 6.4 percent from about $611,000 to approximately $572,000, while the village will tap its rainy-day sewer account for about $32,000 to cover appropriations.

The village’s largest general fund expenditures for next year are expected to be:

— Public safety, both police and fire, about $310,000;

— Transportation, including the snow removal and road construction performed by the village’s department of public works, about $303,000;

— General government support, about $253,000; and

— Employee benefits, about $206,00.

On the general fund’s revenue side, Altamont expects to pay for its services with:

—  $326,271 in property taxes;

— $600,000 in county sales tax;

— About $142,000 from intergovernmental charges, the majority of which are fire-protection services;

— $39,000 in cable franchise fees; and

— $38,500 from New York state.

The salaries for Altamont’s four trustees would increase $125, from $5,000 to $5,125. While Mayor Kerry Dineen’s pay would go up $250, from $10,000 to $10,250.

The salary of village justices James Greene and Bridget Holohan Scally would increase from $6,000 to $6,150. 

The police chief’s salary is due to drop nearly 40 percent, from about $53,000 to approximately $32,000. Todd Pucci, after retiring three years ago, came out of retirement in September to take over for his successor, Jason Johnston, who left for a job with the state attorney general’s office. 

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