Don’t let negative letters sway your vote

To the Editor:

In The Altamont Enterprise on March 7, there were several letters to the editor from the residents who were not in favor of the rezone for Stewart’s or of the cell-tower project. Now these residents are against the two trustees who were in favor of the rezone and want them out.

Simon Litten and James Sullivan who are running for trustees want to stop the Stewart’s project. We need to ask ourselves if they are really running for the right reasons!

There were several comments about the current trustees not listening to the village residents but I feel they did. Not everyone was against the Stewart’s project and I am a little frustrated that the residents who wrote these letters made it sound like they were speaking for all village residents.

Well, they are not speaking for me!

There are many residents who do not attend village board meetings. Let’s face it; many people have a misconception when it is important to attend a village board meeting.

I never knew how important it was to attend a meeting if I was in favor of a project presented before the board. I always thought I should attend if I opposed a project.

I find it funny that the same people who attended the village meeting for the Stewart’s project are the same people who wrote these letters to the editor to support Simon and James. I almost feel like we are being bullied.

I have always found, when people are not happy, they will complain and make it known. However, when someone does something good, you never hear about it.

Please do not let the negative letters to the editor sway your vote on all the good Nick Fahrenkopf and Michelle Ganance have done for the village. I’m encouraging everyone to come out and vote!

Robert Freeman


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