Plant a garden — you will feel better

To the Editor:
Spring is almost here. Many people who had to stay home over the past year planted a garden. Garden centers were busier than ever. I hope everyone had success and will do it again this year.

Choose vegetables and flowers that you and your family like and have enough space to grow. My vegetable garden is sort of a hobby out of control. I love every minute of it. I also enjoy visiting with the folks that come to our little vegetable stand.

Your garden didn’t do too well last year? Well, maybe your skills are a bit rusty or you just need more experience. Don’t give up. When real gardeners have a bad season they say: There is always next year!

Gardening is for all ages and a great family activity. So, head to your local garden center, get out the seed catalogue, and plan your garden for the great season ahead.

Forget all the politics, scandal, and health challenges of the past year. As soon as weather permits, get out there and garden — I guarantee you will feel better. 

Dave Hillmann


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