Planning board and developer of Black Creek Estates should work with residents to preserve neighborhood’s charm

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, March 14, at 7 p.m., there will be a Guilderland Planning Board meeting at the Guilderland Town Hall on Route 20 in Guilderland. This meeting will review the concept site plan for the proposed subdivision of Black Creek Estates, located at Hurst Road and Route 146.

The proposal is for a 13-lot subdivision on 46.44 acres. At this time, the planning board “would welcome comments about any preliminary concerns you may have about this project.”  

I received a letter from the Guilderland Planning Board because I live within 1,000 feet of the proposed project.  

I know that many people in our town travel Hurst Road — for the transfer station and the ballpark, the high school running clubs, volunteers walking dogs from the shelter, and so many others — walking, running, bicycling, riding horses, and — walking llamas.  

I hope that members of the community might voice their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns at the meeting, or by writing a letter, to the planning board. The more people who speak up can impact the designs and decisions of this subdivision that would preserve the integrity, character, and charm of Hurst Road that so many travel.

You don’t need to live within 1,000 feet for your voice to matter. I am not trying to fight development; the land is not mine, and I understand that people want to make money. I would like the board and the developer to work with the neighbors and community to shape development that will help to preserve the character of our neighborhood.

I went to the town hall and viewed both site plans submitted. Both plans have homes lined along (my end of) Hurst Road, and it looks like the possibility of a lot of driveways. If you’re familiar with Hurst Road; its traffic patterns; and, sadly, the fatalities that have occurred here, I’m sure you understand my concerns.  

The tree line is a huge part of the charm of Hurst Road. I hope that the Planning Board will work with all involved to maintain as much as of the tree line as possible. Roads like Hurst are one of the reasons so many people want to live in the town of Guilderland. Whatever can be done to preserve the character of our road, our community, our town would be beneficial to everyone.   

Teri Conroy


Editor’s note: Teri Conroy raises llamas at Wunsapana Farm on Hurst Road.

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