You can’t have our guns or our freedom!

To the Editor:

Can’t you smell a rat, folks?

When your mainstream media basically ignores the fact that 50,000 armed patriotic Americans basically surrounded the state capitol in Virginia on Monday, Jan. 20, to lobby against anti-Second Amendment (unconstitutional ) gun laws and came together peacefully and no one was hurt, injured, or shot, no blood, no screaming or fighting, no masks, no media, no antifa, no clubbings, no tear gas, no, just one great big gathering of mostly God-fearing, family-loving, patriotic Americans, (who, by the way, left the grounds cleaner than they found them) who took time off from work to come to the capitol to resist the growing spread of democratic socialist control tactics!

And the media says, basically, zip! What’s up with that?

The good people of America are beginning to rise to their feet and speak of their discontent with socialism folks! And it appears that a great silent majority is about ready to stand and shout!

Let’s all hope it doesn’t have to go any farther than that before the socialists and their comrades in the media get the point, and go away or at least back off, or how about maybe even joining us and learning to enjoy our great American way, to live it, to love it, to work hard and prosper alongside the rest of us — learning to enjoy their beautiful America and leave the rest of us alone!

We don’t need your safety nets, we don’t need your protection, your safety rules, your nanny state, your hysteria over everything, or your wisdom; we don’t care how many years of college you have had! You can’t have our guns or our freedom!

All this drumbeat for gun control lately reminds me of the British drumbeat march on Lexington and Concord that misty April morning. Then the thought comes to me: Why did the British march on Lexington and Concord in 1775?

Why? It was to take the powder and arms stored there and disarm the Americans of course, for they were resisting her tyrannical pressures, and Britain knew if she was to enslave the American people through taxation, and steal their resources, as she did in her other colonies, first she had to disarm them.

Thank God, she failed and the United States was born. Now just think about that for a minute, folks: Who would want you defenseless but those who seek you as prey”

Now again, think about that, why are the liberals so vehement about disarming the American public? They say it will make our country safer. Well, that’s nothing but a lie … The same is true around the world  … Now let’s get back to our own liberals, and socialists, who in some cases even parade as Republicans, or conservatives, but we can recognize them by their fruit, right folks, for actions truly do speak louder than words!

Now again, think about it: Hasn’t our government, in the name of security, been exploding in size and becoming drunk on its own growth and power since 9/11? Now at some point that has to end, doesn’t it, for surely the economy will slow down some day and the American people will shout, whoa!

And will the government listen? Well, why should it? If the government has already pulled the teeth from our laws, by stripping our Second Amendment rights from our Constitution and taking from us any recourse we may have had to stop an out-of-control, tyrannical government.

You see, when the government removes from us our weapons, and those who know how to use them, the rest of us, including you liberals out there, simply become property of that same government (subjects) with no recourse!

How did Lincoln say it again? “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth!” Well, if the liberals and socialists get their way, it shall be, “Government over the people” shall reign, and freedom as we know it, and want for our children, truly shall, perish from the face of this earth!

America, and what she once stood for, will simply slip away into history, as all of her great predecessors have done. And government that champions the individual will, once again, only be found, buried deep, between the dusty pages of time!

Wake up, America! Our children are depending on us for a free future. And you know what, it’s our responsibility to pass one on to them, as our fathers passed their freedom on to us. The same freedom, they often purchased at the price of their own blood!

Once again, wake up, America! Don’t let the liberals and socialists and their friends on this side of the aisle, trick us out of our children’s birth right to freedom!

William P. Tryon

South Bethlehem

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