Smoking in parks is not safe

To the Editor:

Our parks should be tobacco-free play zones. Tobacco can be dangerous for kids, it can kill nature, and it is not a good example for other people.    

My first reason tobacco shouldn’t be allowed at our parks and playgrounds is because it is dangerous for children and animals. Cigarette smoke can hurt other people’s lungs from the secondhand smoke

My second reason that our parks should be tobacco-free play zones is that, if lighters are left around the playground by smokers and a kid finds the lighter, the kid can get severely hurt. If kids play with the lighter, it could set their hands on fire.

The smoke is not good for the plants or animals.It can ruin the air in the park and people may not want to go there anymore.  

Another reason why the parks should be smoke-free is people should be good role models for kids. It is important for a park to be about staying healthy.

Smoking creates litter. People leave behind garbage like cigarette packages and they often leave ashes and cigarette butts in the park.  

Some people think it is OK to smoke in parks because they are outside but it can hurt people because secondhand smoke is when other people breathe in the smoke and they can get the smoke in their lungs and become sick.

People should now clearly see it is not safe to smoke in parks. It can hurt animals, create litter, and be harmful to other people.

Broden Higgins


Editor’s note: Broden Higgins is a student in Amy Martin’s fourth-grade class at Altamont elementary School.

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