Barber helps young man through a rite of passage

— Photo from Stewart Linendoll

Reflection: Master barber Derek Toussaint watches in the mirror as Jacob Linendoll learns to edge his beard.

To the Editor:

What a wonderful experience we had on Jan. 9. My wife, Anne, and I accompanied our 16-year-old grandson, Jacob, to Re-Nue Spa so that he would be shown the proper technique in grooming a young man’s facial hair.

The master barber, Derek Toussaint, took his time to ask what style was desired, to show how to hold the electric shaper, how to edge a line, and how to smooth the areas that were to be shaved.

Derek patiently watched as Jacob handled the razor. He tried to mimic Derek’s directions. The barber encouraged, offered suggestions, and at times guided Jacob’s hand.

I would encourage other young men who are venturing into that particular time of their lives to seek guidance and advice from a master barber. So I say, thank you, Derek, for helping a young man through one of many passages to come.

Stewart Linendoll