Justice should be served with compassion

To the Editor:

I am dismayed to learn how Happy Cat Rescue was handled in the pursuit of justice on behalf of cats that are unwanted, sick, disfigured, abused, or homeless.

In the past I have received help from Marcia and Chuck Scott, the operators of Happy Cat Rescue, that was above and beyond what others may have been willing to do with regard to giving aid to cats in situations where their owners could not afford the other options. They helped to facilitate a path for needy cats to get the help they needed. My wife and I both reported to our friends and acquaintances that we were grateful for the help we received from Happy Cat Rescue!

The Happy Cat facility as I knew it in the past was clean and operated with great care for cats that needed help and a home. I don’t know what state it was in recently.

I do know that the people who leveled charges of misconduct may have been too quick to react to a problem without seeking other options to correct the situation. This opinion I gathered from what I have read in this newspaper’s reporting and letters to the editor. I like when justice is served with compassion and sympathy, especially when the accused have served the needy with full hearts and love!

I’m disappointed that now there is one less place for cats to get a second chance at life and find a home. Mostly I am writing this letter because I’m mad that common sense and justice have once again failed.

I find it nonsense that the final outcome and determination allows Marcia and Chuck to keep only five of 10 cats that were their own personal pets. Furthermore, when those five cats perish, they will not be allowed to own anymore cats in the future!

That is not justice! If they cannot manage a cat rescue operation, so be it. But surely, two people who have given so much to saving cats should be allowed to have pets for the rest of their lives. Especially considering that they are being left with five cats now, per the court's ruling!

I’m outraged at the thought of the Scott’s not being able to own cats until their dying day while living at home! Tell me if I’m wrong! I’m not!

The relationship humans have with animals is important and beneficial to both, when love is mutual, and proper care is given. I am confident that the Scotts have the capacity to properly care for a few cats as their pets!

Reverse the court’s determination that states they can have no more cats after the five they have deceased! Show more compassion!

Timothy Albright


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