Cheryl Baitsholts is Berne’s St. Francis

To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter because the town of Berne has added one more act of stupidity to its achievements! I’m referring to the dismissal of Cheryl Baitsholts, our dog control officer or dog warden for the town of Berne.

She has been our DCO for 13 years and given 100 percent to her job. Cheryl was there 24/7, 365 days a year.

During that time, she located owners and located pets. Sometimes the outcome may have been sad due to the death of a pet. But Cheryl set out for answers. She made calls, put out descriptions, and, one by one, Cheryl made it happen.

Cheryl made calls to neighboring DCOs to help widen the searches. She never gave up until she was satisfied. 

So now, after 13 years, she gets an email from our Berne Town Board that she has been replaced. Replaced for no reason by someone who has no experience of the job. No kennels to house animals, no connection to help with lost animals.

Cheryl doesn’t deserve this treatment from our town board or from anyone else. They have made a very bad decision this time and I hope we can reinstate Cheryl as our DCO once again.

I’ve known Cheryl for a few years now. Animals brought our friendship together.

She helped me when I was watching sheep and goats for a neighbor. I was on baby watch and a mama ewe delivered twins and only had enough milk for one.

I called Cheryl and asked for advice. She then brought me over powdered colostrum to get the baby going. That’s the kind of person she is and will be.

On behalf of all the animals out there Cheryl has helped: Thanks for being their Saint Francis!

Barbara Kennedy


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