We’re calling on local GOP leaders to denounce Trump’s actions

To the Editor:

“Qui tacet consentire” or “Who is silent gives consent.” 

The riots and attempted coup d’etat by the Republican party and Trump supporters raises some important questions for our local and state Republican leaders, current office-holders, and recent candidates.

We are calling on Randy Bashwinger (Albany County Republican chairman), Alan Langworthy (State Republian Party chairman), Jeff Perlee (Republican Albany County legislator), Mark Grimm (Republican Albany County legislator), George Amadore  recent Republican State Senator), Rich Amadure (recent Republican candidate for State Senate), Liz Joy (recent Republican candidate for Congress), the Republican town leaders of Berne and Rennselaerville, and Elise Stefanik (Republican Congressperson) to publicly renounce the actions by President Donald J. Trump in his role in fomenting riot and turmoil as the Congress tried to go about its business certifying the election of Joe Biden as president of the United States.

This renunciation of the president is needed quickly as well as vocally. It cannot be a “one and done” renunciation.

For too long, certain elements in our communities have allowed this division to exist. There is no room in our democracy for the thugs, masquerading as “concerned citizens” who tried to take down our government on Jan. 6.

The Republican Party has been hijacked by the Trump followers who showed themselves to be little more than thugs.

In his acceptance as Albany County Republican Party chairman, Mr. Bashwinger commented that the riots and lack of law and order will only be stopped by a strong Republican Party willing to stand up to mob rule [“Seeking change, county GOP elects Bashwinger as chairman,” The Altamont Enterprise, Sept. 28, 2020].

OK, Mr. Bashwinger, it is now time for you to show some backbone and speak up against the Republican-sponsored riot that took place in our nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6.

Silence deems consent. We will not be silent. The question is whether our local Republican leaders will be silent.

John B. Haluska

Sherry D. Haluska


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