Sorry, Pyramid. That dog just doesn’t bark.

To the Editor:

In his book “Down to Earth” published in 1985,  Dr. Sanders Kahn, real-estate appraiser, makes the case against providing property-tax breaks for corporations, inducements to new industries, or the free deal to settle in a particular location. Fast forward to 2019 and here we are in Guilderland considering the request of the Pyramid Corporation for sales and compensatory use and mortgage tax breaks for its Rapp Road project.

This request would be laughable if not so serious.

What we have here is the very economically powerful exercising its influence on a local municipality to “give us a break.” Sorry, Pyramid. That dog just doesn’t bark.

The Rapp Road project does not need an incentive that affects location decisions. The decision has been already made. Pyramid is building the 222 units on Rapp Road.

In addition, the incentives that are under consideration far exceed any benefits offered to the town of Guilderland. Six permanent jobs resulting from this project? You have to be kidding!

Please consider the following. If you allow incentives to this one particular project, how can you possibly deny incentives to other projects?

The Rapp Road project is a small portion of the 1,265 units being proposed in the town. I have no problem with these applications. However, is the Rapp Road project that weak that incentives must be granted for the project to become a reality? If this is the case, I can’t believe that Pyramid is operating in the real world of supply and demand.

There have been 622 larceny calls involving the town of Guilderland police. Two-thirds of them have emanated from the Pyramid-owned Crossgates. How about paying your fair share, Pyramid, for this increased police activity and presence (Retail Intervention Detail) which takes away officers from the rest of the town?

Consider this. There have been at least 650 single-family residence transfers in Guilderland from July 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2018. Did any of them get the above breaks? I think not.

Please make your voices heard against this giveaway by contacting the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency and Mr. Donald Csaposs, the chief executive officer for the Guilderland IDA. There should be no tax breaks, fee breaks, or mortgage tax breaks provided to this project.

John B. Haluska


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