Thanks to Marcia and Chuck for their hard work and dedication

To the Editor:

Marcia and Chuck Scott have been dealt a horrible hand and I don’t see both sides of their story being shared.

I understand it was alleged that Marcia and Chuck were selling cats, making a large profit. Whomever stated that is totally uneducated about the situation.

This loving couple would rescue cats, all hours of the night and day. They would get them medical attention, including their shots as well as neutering and spaying.

Yes, some of the animals were sick but that’s because they rescued all cats and did not leave the sick ones behind. If anyone has taken their cats to a vet, they would understand it’s costly.

In addition to the vet visit, there is food, bedding, litter, etc. For anyone to even think they are doing this for profit is totally ridiculous.  

The cats rescued by Happy Cat were well taken care of and no longer living on the streets. It’s sad to think that a simple misplaced complaint may be the reason hundreds of cats will not have a chance to reach a happy home.

Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to Guilderland Town Court regarding the positive experiences we have had with Happy Cat Rescue and it would be a very humane courtesy if you could reach out to people who support Happy Cat Rescue because the publicity they have received is one-sided and inaccurate.

My family and I met Marcia of Happy Cat Rescue over 10 years ago at a yard sale. It so happened my daughter is an animal advocate and Marcia happened to be holding the yard sale as a fundraiser for Happy Cat Rescue.

An instant friendship started and ever since our family has been working with Marcia in any way we can as we believe in her cause and admire how her and her husband are extremely and sincerely dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens and placing them in loving homes

I have never met anyone who opens their home and hearts to so many needy kitties and works so hard in giving them wonderful care while they wait for their forever homes.

While waiting, the cats or kittens have clean living conditions with crates and litter boxes cleaned twice daily and they are all well fed. When you speak to Marcia, you can hear the love in her voice when she talks about the cats she cares for.

Our family has participated in many fundraisers and we are always happy to help whenever we can. We know all monies raised are immediately used to give great care to the rescued kitties.

I have referred many people to Happy Cat Rescue and will continue to do so. We know the cats are given proper medical care and properly prepared to be adopted.

All animals deserve to be in loving homes but unfortunately that isn’t always possible. What Marcia and Chuck do for their rescues takes time, dedication, energy, and love and I personally admire and respect all they do.

If a cat or kitten is in need of rescuing and placement I cannot think of better hands for these kitties to fall into.

Thanks to Marcia and Chuck for their hard work and dedication.

Karen L. Romanow


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