How tragic that now there is one less place to care for cats nobody cares about

To the Editor:

I'm writing in reference to the recent actions taken against Happy Cat Rescue and Chuck and Marcia Scott.

I am the executive director of AnimalKind, a high-profile cat rescue/shelter in Hudson, New York, serving upstate New York for 20 years and I can truthfully say: The removal of cats that were cared for by the Scotts and the horrendous accusations are a legal, humane, and animal tragedy!

I’ve know Marcia Scott for many years.

AnimalKind worked with Marcia and provided spay/neuter appointments on a regular basis. Marcia brought in rescues to AnimalKind to be evaluated and treated by our veterinarians; she was helping when nobody else stepped up to care for these unfortunate souls.

I know that Marcia took and is taking very good care of the cats in her care. They all have been vetted, special-needs cats attended to, and every one was deeply loved, fed, and vetted.

I am in total awe and disbelief of how this wonderful, compassionate couple that actually stepped up to help cats in need when not even the local shelter helped, was blindsided by false accusations and their beloved pets have been removed — a very stressful and traumatizing event for any pet and of course the caretaker as well.

Meanwhile, five cats were returned — that doesn’t make any sense: If there had been any basis for animal neglect or cruelty, no animal would be placed back into the accused home!

Knowing the Scotts and their devotion to the care of their rescues, I believe this slander of their work, character, and caregiving is utterly wrong and needs to be pursued in their favor and in the interest of the cats they cared for!

I urge you to do a follow-up on the welfare and situation on the removed cats as well as legal investigation into the person who caused so much pain to the animals and their caretakers!

How tragic that now there is one less place to care for cats nobody cares about!

Katrin Hecker

Executive Director


Hudson, New York

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