Cats rescued by the Scotts had the best care possible

To the Editor:

My name is Chris Jones and I’m writing you on behalf of Happy Cat Rescue, and Marcia and Chuck Scott. I have volunteered for these two wonderful people and their rescue for many years.

I can attest that the stories coming out in the media are just plain false. I know for a fact that these cats had the best care possible. The cats were given fresh food and water twice daily and as needed. Bedding and litter was cleaned twice daily and as needed.

I read that there were complaints that these cats were kept in cages. But if you go to a shelter they are also in cages. You have to keep cats that are rescued separated. Some could be sick and some could be aggressive toward other cats. And if they’re roaming free, how are you to know what cat got sick?

They are separated to monitor their health, and to monitor their food and water intake. Also to monitor their urination and stool. The cages are only temporary anyway till they find a forever home.

I would trust Happy Cat over any rescue out there. I am a mail carrier and have rescued cats off the streets of Arbor Hill that have been abandoned by people who have moved out, and Marcia and Chuck have always been there to help when no one else would.

This whole media thing has been nothing but a smear campaign. The only ones who suffer from this are the cats. One less rescue to help these cats. How many will now starve, freeze to death, or be run over by vehicles? Who will now take on this task now that kitten season is just around the corner?

Chris Jones


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