The town of Bethlehem and the village of Voorheesville have considered, if not already implemented, water-rate increases.

Faced with two controversial planning issues this year that brought crowds to village board meetings, Voorheesville now has a 14-member committee that is working on a comprehensive land-use plan, which the village board hopes will be completed within a year.

BERNE — Getting the lead out is one less thing to worry about for the Berne-Knox-Westerlo School District.

ALBANY COUNTY — Have you ever wanted to know if the water you drink is safe?

Lead-testing results are in for Farnsworth Middle School, and there are 95 water outlets that must be remediated in some way, even simply by labeling them “for hand-washing only.” However, 7 of the 95 actionable sites are outlets that were used for drinking or cooking.

Voorheesville Central School District released findings last Thursday of 38 water outlets testing above the minimum level of lead out of the 125 sinks and water fountains in the middle school and high school.

A total of 98 sinks or water fountains in the Guilderland school district’s five elementary schools have been found to contain lead levels higher than the allowable amount. The highest number of unsafe outlets was found at the newest school.

Guilderland school district reported test results showing water in all five elementary schools have lead levels in some outlets above the safety threshold.

In closing off valves to isolate the break, “that shakes up the system,” said Brett Hotaling, the village's superintendent of Public Works.

A nationwide report has found the carcinogen chromium-6 in a local water treatment plant for Bethlehem, though local officials say the levels are in compliance with regulations.


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