Vasilios Lefkaditis

This town wants to be the little town that could when it comes  to fighting climate change.

Ken Saddlemire is not taking the reversal lying down. He intends to stay in the race as a write-in candidate.

How should motions be made to avoid later confusion or misunderstanding?  Should discussion precede the making of a motion rather than follow?

Tara Murphy, Knox Town Clerk

Tuesday’s town board meeting began with some sharp exchanges over how minutes were recorded, leaving town Clerk Tara Murphy “feeling like a scolded employee.”

Board members at odds with the town supervisor made the wrong choice to meet secretly; where does that leave the public?

The board had unanimously passed proposals in previous meetings without much discussion or investigation.


Faced with using over half a million dollars for buying machines, the town board hosted a heated exchange at its April meeting.

Michael Venuti has a large new house on a hill overlooking the Bozenkill. He told the town board at its March meeting that what he sees out his window every day is a dilapidated shack across Bozenkill Road from his house.

"We'll do triage," Knox's Superintendent Vasilios Lefkaditis, told the town board as he showed pictures from a recent tour indicating problems at the highway garage and transfer station he said are too expensive for town funds to cover.


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