Rather than looking to expand the landfill in Colonie or to regionalize for a bigger landfill elsewhere, Albany County needs to pass laws that required people to do what needs to be done — divert the waste that can be recycled or used productively as compost. San Francisco provides a workable model that we can follow.

The idea of recycling became a whole lot less abstract for the girls of Brownie Troop 1419 in Guilderland when they toured a recycling plant on Fuller Road in Albany and found out where empty PET bottles actually go and saw what it takes to ready them for a new life.

ALBANY COUNTY — As the two landfills in the county begin to fill up, municipalities are starting to think — fast — about the future. One resolution passed unanimously in the legislature suggests that the issue should be handled on a regional, or at least county-wide, level.

On Tuesday, Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling got a special-use permit from New Scotland’s planning board to operate a business from School Road but still needs a building-department permit.

The town board voted against renewing Greene County Sanitation's license to dump at the Westerlo transfer station after reports of out-of-town trash.

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