town hall

A new heating system for the town hall and a draft solar law are vetted.

It isn’t just the chief of police.

WESTERLO — Town officials in Westerlo hoped for a big turnout Tuesday that would ratify their plan to borrow $887,000 to renovate the former school building that now serves as the town hall.

Joseph Boone, 49,  was appointed to occupy the seat of  Theodore Lounsbury who resigned from the board early this year.

The town's hopes for an updated town hall hang on voter approval Nov. 8.

At its Tuesday meeting, the town board — over strenuous objections — authorized the expenditure of up to $887,000 and added a bond issue to the Nov. 8 ballot.

The action authorizes spending  $60,000 to cover engineering fees for completing and modifying as needed the draft renovation plan, and for preparing estimates.

At the Wyman Osterhout Community Center in New Salem, used for events and as a polling place, the front entrance has dangerous steps that have been cordoned off.

Including the public in plans for Westerlo's town buildings could improve plans as well as engendering support from the people who will have to fund it — the taxpayers.

The borrowing limit discussed by the town board so far is $2.8 million, for a project that includes bringing the town court back into the same building as the town hall.


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