solar energy

Civil discourse at Knox Town board meetings would yield solutions. The board should not pass up a $12,000 grant that would lead to a $100,000 grant.

Knox is considering hiring an engineer, largely to review large solar projects.

Decisions about solar development lie ahead for Westerlo.

We need to zone so that solar will be embraced; the future of our Earth depends upon it.

After Altamont recommended disapproving a solar farm, which would have stood on its outskirts, the solar company withdrew its application and is now focusing on the rural town of Knox, which it sees as more receptive to solar projects.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority has developed a guidebook to help municipalities and officials make decisions on adopting solar in and to help residents. It includes information about solar project permitting, inspection, property taxes, and land leases.

Mindful of the village’s Victorian history, Altamont’s mayor and trustees opposed an application for a large solar array on its periphery. A developer of the array calls the community’s response selfish, not looking toward America’s future.

Jeff Perlee, Altamont

The new owner of the Old Stone Inn — built in 1773 — doesn’t want a nine-acre solar farm in his front yard. But Guilderland okayed these farms for rural areas as well as industrial areas just a few months ago.


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