Robert Baron

Robert Baron, the former Voorheesville girls’ varsity basketball coach, suffered a setback on Jan. 28 in his lawsuit against the school district.

Former Voorheesville girls’ varsity basketball coach Robert Baron’s lawsuit against the school district remains a protracted affair; the latest holdup comes because of the district’s objection to giving Baron records of an investigation into allegations of player bullying. 

On Aug. 26, 2015, I got a late-night call at the newspaper. It was a Wednesday, the day each week when we stay up all night to put the paper to bed.

The call was from my father. “Your mother’s had a stroke,” he said.

If the Voorheesville school board recorded its meetings, this would not be an issue.

Robert Baron, the former coach of Voorheesville girls’ varsity basketball, in the latest filing of his lawsuit against the Voorheesville Central School District includes his deposition, a new cause of action for defamation, and allegations of player bullying.

On May 10, the  the Voorheesville Central School District asked Albany County Supreme Court to throw out five of six claims made in a lawsuit by former varsity girls’ basketball coach Robert Baron.

Robert Baron, who resigned as head coach of the Voorheesville Varsity Girls’ Basketball team, is now suing to get his old job back.

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