Rensselaerville Library

The Rensselaerville Library’s new director, Heidemarie Carle, describes the opportunity to serve the Hilltowns community with the experience she’s built up over decades with non-profit and government organizations as “providential.”

Kimberly Graff Zimmer

“You need to listen to what people in a community want, and bring players together to make things happen,” Kimberly Graff  Zimmer

Although the town of Rensselaerville has just 1,800 residents, residents checked out over 15,000 items from its library last year.

After Birth is not a memoir, but the author's second novel got its impetus from her own experience as a new mother moving to a new town. It is set to be published in February.

The fourth annual Festival of Writers, Aug. 15 to 18, will bring together artists with international reputations and a love for the region.

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