ALBANY COUNTY — Michael Snyder, 59, of Medusa, who worked as a corrections officer at the county jail, was arraigned Friday morning on charges he had raped an inmate at the jail, and had sexual contact with another.

Carlos Quinones

The 17-year-old was out on $15,000 bail in a rape case when he allegedly waved the gun around during a Vape-cigarette buy in the mall parking lot.

Michael A. Snyder Sr.

The jailed woman said that Michael A. Snyder Sr., of Rensselaerville, raped her three times in the last two weeks.

John E. McIntyre, who is on the state’s sex offender registry, was charged with additional crimes following his initial arrest last week in an investigation by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

A 23-year-old Voorheesville man was charged with raping his ex-girlfriend. He and his roommate were also arrested on weapons charges.

Franklin Casatelli

Released from prison just 10 days earlier, Casatelli was "a man on a mission," said lawyer for the prosecution Shannon Sarfoh in her closing statement: "He was going to have sex with a woman, any woman, regardless of her consent or lack of consent." 

Local tech company owner Jonathan Cobb is accused of raping a heavily intoxicated 18-year-old acquaintance of his daughter’s at the family home in Guilderland.

Franklin Casatelli, who is accused of the rape in October of a young woman sleeping in her dorm room at UAlbany, pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday.

Gary Wright, convicted of attempting to rape his Berne neighbor, lost his appeal to the state’s highest court.

Was Gary Wright’s representation compromised because one of his lawyers, James Long, had also represented the Albany County district attorney, David Soares?


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