Primaries 2019

Henry Best, Guilderland

The Democratic primary for county posts is often more important than the general election in November.

ALBANY COUNTY — Two Albany Family Court seats are open since Margaret Walsh was elected to State Supreme Court and Gerald Maney is retiring.

Seven candidates are running in the June 25 primary to secure the Democratic line.  Albany County Democrats may cast their ballots for two of the seven on Tuesday.

Andra Ackerman

Both Andra Ackerman and Holly Trexler are city judges who are running on their records of programs they put in place to help defendants.

The candidates were asked for their views on paid sick leave, stemming the opioid crisis, suburban poverty, and becoming a nanny county.

GUILDERLAND — As Republican Stephen R. Chesley, an attorney, gears up to challenge incumbent Guilderland town justice John W. Bailey, a Democrat, in the November elections, the two are vying for the Conservative party line in the June 25 primaries.

Michael Conners

Albany City Treasurer Darius Shahinfar and Chief City Auditor Susan Rizzo will be running in Tuesday’s Democratic primary to replace retiring Albany County Comptroller Michael Conners on the ballot this fall.

Don Reeb​, Guilderland

Dee Woessner​, Knox Democratic, Committee Chair

Corrected on June 22, 2019: The opportunity to ballot is not costing Knox taxpayers since a Democratic primary is being held in Knox irregardless for county candidates.

Tim and Sylvia O’Brien, Guilderland


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