Peter Henner

NEW SCOTLAND — A man of principle and passion, Peter Henner worked for causes he believed in with the same logic and commitment he used when playing chess. He tackled his legal work as he tackled mountains on climbs with his wife — with a sense of adventure.

The Alliance for Environmental Renewal, led by its president, Peter Henner, filed a lawsuit on May 5 against Empire State Development to stop it from distributing any of the $500 million that was appropriated by the New York State Legislature to improve broadband access, to ensure that areas without access receive it before the funds are depleted.

The state’s Urban Development Corporation, called Empire State Development, last month denied Henner’s Freedom of Information request for public records from the Broadband Program Office.

NEW SCOTLAND — Peter Henner, at 62, wants to make the most of what is left of his life.

Like Janus, he is looking in two directions — at his past life and at his future — in order to set the best course.

Crossword puzzle lovers may have wondered about the frequent clue “Russian chess champion” (three letters).

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