Mayor James Gaughan

ALTAMONT — Village Trustee Cathy Glass, who joined the Altamont board this spring, has resigned due to unforeseen health issues within her family, Glass told The Enterprise.

Jim Gaughan, mayor, Village of Altamont  

The charm and beauty of our village does not go without notice to the most casual passerby. 

The school district wants to "work smart," the superintendent said, exploring only the best ideas to help with the problems of declining enrollment, stagnant funds, and under-used buildings.

For its entire existence, Altamont has been defined by and has been enhanced by a strong sense of volunteerism in its citizens.  For over 50 years, the Schilling family has personified that sense of volunteerism.

Village taxes won't increase next year due to changes in health-insurance premiums and employee turnover.

For years, the mayor of Altamont says, he has begged and begged to get the state to repair the entry roads to the village. This summer,, Route 146 fro the east was repaved; next week, work will start on repaving Route 156 from the south.

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