local government

Legislation has been introduced in the State Assembly and State Senate that would require all open meetings in New York State to be livestreamed, recorded, and posted on municipal websites.

Upcoming board meetings and those looking to conduct business at their local town hall are the latest victims of the coronavirus. 

With the state looking to take control away from municipalities for the permitting and siting of medium- to large-scale renewable energy projects, how have local towns done enacting their own solar legislation?

In advance of the swearings-in of new Hilltowns board members the first week of January, The Enterprise spoke with three outgoing board members who reflected on their tenures and offered some advice for the newcomers. 

After a Knox resident complained about the town website at Knox’s December board meeting, The Enterprise spoke with Matthew Turcotte, a web designer who specializes in municipal websites, about what makes a town site good, and why they’re so hard to get right.

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