john boyd thacher state park

Falling rocks on the Indian Ladder Trail in John Boyd Thacher State Park severed the spinal cord of a Clifton Park woman, leaving her paralyzed.

John Boyd Thacher State Park is receiving $1.35 million from the state to help update the park’s aged infrastructure.

After being lost for nearly a week, Khaos, a German shepherd, ascended the cliffs of Thacher Park (with the help of a rescue team) to be reunited with his owner.

A cocktail reception to raise funds for the visitor’s center at John Boyd Thacher State Park will be held on Nov. 3.

NEW SCOTLAND — A pair of peregrine falcons have been spotted on the south side of John Boyd Thacher State Park. But, while the news of the endangered birds have brought about excitement of their discovery, it has raised about concern over potential plans for an “adventure ropes course” proposed for the area.

NEW SCOTLAND — A year after a private fundraising campaign was launched to raise $1 million for a Thacher Park Center, more than half the goal has been reached, according to the Open Space Institute.

The 38-year-old, Erika Barkman, from Voorheesville, fell 50 to 60 feet, police said.

The state's parks department said this week that no proposal for a Thacher Park ropes course has yet been submitted, but that environmental impact studies have already been done.


Good for Guilderland, keeping its town pool open, and planning to rebuild, after fire destroyed its pool house. Every time we write a story about a drowning, we see the need for public pools where kids can learn to swim.

The money, obtained by the Open Space Institute, will be spent on “exhibitry and other interpretive projects to help people understand" the park's geology and history.


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