Indian Ladder Farms

Laura Ten Eyck, Vice President Indian Ladder Farms

Twin sisters Taylor Ten Eyck, right, and Morgan Willy

Joining a nationwide movement of farmer-florists, twin sisters Taylor Ten Eyck and Morgan Willy recently started their own company called Twin Dahlias Flowers. When it’s completely up and running, the business will not only grow flowers but also create bouquets and arrangements for sale. 

In previous years, Indian Ladder Farms has shipped around 300 bushels, or 1,200 pounds, of apples to local schools. This year, the amount will increase seven or eight times over.

Last weekend at Indian Ladder Farms held the annual NY Capital District Renaissance Festival.

When Gia Pace was bullied as a schoolgirl, she escaped into the fantasy land of a Renaissance fair; now she helps runs one at Indian Ladder Farms.

Every year for about a month, Indian Ladder Farms in New Scotland hosts baby animal days inside one of the barns to show kids an upclose view of what adult animals look like when they are babies.

At Indian Ladder Farms on Saturday morning, Santa Claus decided to make a stop for breakfast and stop and see see some children that visited the store in New Scotland.

The annual gala for the Voorheesville Community and School Foundation was held last Saturday at the Indian Ladder Farms Cidery and brewery.

Laura Ten Eyck, in researching a book about hops, which is now grown at Indian Ladder Farms, became interested in hemp and hopes to write a book about that, too.

The Classic Theater Guild held their annual two week play productions held at Indian Ladder Farms. Every year the theater guild produces a children's play and a Shakespeare play. 


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