To guarantee that residents across New York are paying their fair share of taxes, the state needs a law with enforcement teeth to set a common requirement for full-value assessment.

The Albany County Veterans Services Bureau has sent officials to speak in towns across the county in order to encourage veterans to register with them. Registered as a veteran will make them not only eligible for benefits, but allows the bureau to receive more federal aid based on the number of veterans in their care.

New Yorkers who need help paying their heating bills must apply to the Home Energy Assistance Program by Friday, March 17.

Zoning board alternate Stuart Reese is a retired math teacher, while new member of the Guilderland Board of Assessment Review David Payton worked for the State Education Department.

Robert Johnson gave up being the town’s zoning board chairman to become one of its judges.  His empty seat on the zoning board led to a “domino effect” of new appointments.

To the Editor:

Richard Bader, a lawyer, keeps his New Visions students thinking on their feet, which led to the team being the first of upstate students to win a state competition on the Constitution.

A couple of ears of local sweet corn, and a hamburger or a hotdog, some watermelon, and a cold beer — now that's a meal to write home about.

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