Lee Carman — who had been the lone Republican on the Guilderland Town Board — was ousted in November after serving four years. He will now join the Industrial Development Agency. 

The new chairman of the town’s ethics committee, Democratic private-practice attorney Joseph A. Glazer, wrote model ethics law for county governments in the late 1980s.

James Melita was hired as town attorney in 2014. Now he has also been appointed temporary chairman of the ethics board — a situation ripe for potential conflicts of interest.

Charles H. Klaer, Altamont

Dianne Sefcik, Westerlo

A student who killed a giraffe was scorned when his family placed a trophy photo in his high school yearbook; we need to care about the many species in our midst that are suffering from our abuses.

BERNE — One of the neighbors and potential bidders for a foreclosed property near a state preserve is the town’s building inspector, who was recently accused of trying to devalue an adjoining parcel.

The clarifications to ethics board procedures discussed with the town's attorney had the overarching goals of keeping the length and cost of investigations down and included the question of whether or not and how defendants should be reimbursed for attorney's fees.

The town's boards met with their attorney to review the document outlining their standards of conduct as public servants.

Among the appointments at the town's re-organizational meeting was the filling of Douglas Story's term on the water and sewer committee, which he gave up citing a conflict of interest with his position as the water and sewer treatment officer.


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